This Ole Fart Thinks: Redskins vs Eagles

Posted by: hail2skins on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

I agree with Parcells.  The older I get, the more the losses stick with me and the harder they are to take Heartbreak. Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

So what did we learn?

Biggest takeaway, I think, is that this team is simply not good enough to overcome sporadic breakdowns on special teams.   This was another game that likely would have gone into the win column, but for 2 ST’s breakdowns that led directly to 10 points.  You could feel the energy return to the stadium after that 100 yard kickoff return.   Oh, Crap turned into Oh, Yeah for them I would tend to give Forbath a little more rope, but not a whole lot more.  We are the farm team and developmental league for NFL kickers.  Once we develop them, they go on to have long and productive careers.  Gano, Suisham, Novack, even Shayne Graham and Cundiff are starting kickers now.  I know we didnt develop the latter 2, but I guess we rehabilitated them.

Still, it is the “floor” that an NFL kicker is expected to make those under-40 yard kicks every time.   Not only that, Forbath lacks the leg to consistently get the ball into the endzone on kickoffs. Way has been a little short on some of his as well, so he is still a work in progress.   But I would still prefer him to do it if only to save wear and tear on Forbath’s groin.

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Redskins Fall To Eagles 37-34

Posted by: hail2skins on Sunday, September 21st, 2014

The Redskins fall to 1-2 in a division game that had first place in the division up for stakes.  A win against the Eagles would have put them atop of the division.  As it stands now, they’re at the bottom of the division with both Dallas and New York Giants winning today.

The Redskins played a solid game against the Eagles who are the favorite to win the division.  They fought back in the 2nd half but fell short.

The special teams unit CAN NOT give up a 102 yard return for a touchdown and Forbath has to hit 31 yard field goals.

The defense still gives up too many explosive plays but they did manage to get a stop when it mattered late in the game.

QB Kirk Cousins played very well today but the last series where he went 0-3 in pass attempts will be remembered the most.  He also forced a throw that was intercepted.

A lot of people probably thought the Skins would lose by double digits but they held their own against the Eagles.  I see improvement in the team and that should continue throughout the season.  Looks like Jay Gruden has the team headed in the right direction.

They have a very short week having to host another division rival on Thursday night.  They also have some injuries that are a concern during this short week.

This will be another must-win game as they do not want to lose two games in a row and they definitely don’t want to fall to 0-2 in the division. Hail!

Hail To The Redskins !!!


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This Ole Fart Thinks: Redskins vs Jaguars

Posted by: hail2skins on Thursday, September 18th, 2014

OK folks, I am having flashbacks, or is it Groundhog Day?  Or is it the future coming into focus?

Is this Billy vs. Sonny?

Is this Gus and Heath?

Is this the redemption wheel giving us another chance after seeing Trent Green and    Stan Humphries find starting success as young QB’s elsewhere?

I think that we can make several easy predictions going forward.  Now that the odds of surgery, or a season ending injury have dropped for RGIII, I think it is going to be safe to predict that he will heal “faster than expected” and be ready sooner than anyone anticipated.  He is a warrior, and that is the good side of him. He is, and has been, unrealistic about the pace of true healing and his actual recovery from serious injuries. Watching him struggle last year was beyond painful and my guess is that, if it were solely up to him, he would tend to want to come back sooner than wise rather than sit and watch Cousins run the team.

I also think that having allowed the pace of return to be too fast last year, I don’t expect the Redskins to make that error again.  And that would be true even if Cousins looks as bad as he did in the 3 game stretch in which he started last year.  Make no mistake about it, he looked BAD.  Not a starting level NFL qb.  How much of it was him?  How much of i was the team quitting on the Shanahans?  How much of it was poor play calling and coaching?  I think we are going to get answers very quickly.  He looked like a different player last game, but that was against a dreadful team.  The real audition occurs over the next 3 weeks, and beyond. Cousins needs to prove he can run the offense efficiently and lead the team to credible performances against the Eagles, Giants and Seahawks.  I don’t know if he needs to beat 2 or 3 teams, but the offense needs to be smoothly running and he can’t make critical errors.  If he can do that, it will be very hard to demote him when RGIII is healed enough to become active.

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This Ole Fart Thinks: Redskins vs Texans

Posted by: hail2skins on Monday, September 8th, 2014

Well another year, another coach, another game that was really hard to stomach. In the end, it really wasn’t as close as the score would lead you to believe.

Let’s start with the obvious.  This is still a sloppy and mistake prone team. Having both a punt blocked and an extra point blocked in the same half is simply inexcusable.  For all we have flamed the last 2 special teams coaches, it doesn’t look like much has really changed.

Also, it was noisy, but there was no excuse to burn 2 time outs needlessly because we couldn’t get plays in on time.

We ran to the right with great results.  Why did we stop?  It isn’t like we were 20 points behind.  Gadget plays make little sense when you have a hammer and can get yards consistently.  Let’s hope that just as Joe Gibbs did, Jay Gruden discovers that the running game is his best friend.  We could open Gruden’s tenure 0-5 also.  It would not surprise me one bit if we did.. Gruden’s play calling was inconsistent and erratic and we never had much of a flow to the offense, except in the 2 drives that ended with turnovers.  Let’s hope some of it is nerves and he does better in the coming weeks.

How about the Defensive play calling?  Well it was great on the Houston sideline.  Why we didn’t go after Crennel, or anyone else besides Haslett is a source of constant aggravation.  But the Defense played well enough to win, you say?  Yup, right up to the point when we really needed a quick stop or a quick turnover in the 4th quarter.  At that point Hazlett brought out the collapsing lawn chair defense and you could turn out the lights.   When the chips are down and the Defense needs to give the Offense a chance to win it, they were nowhere to be found.  Typical Haslett.  Seen it for years.  No reason to expect anything different this year.

Special teams coverage wasn’t quite the dumpster fire it was in past years.  Yet..

So, the coaches get an  “F” for this game.

How about the players?

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Redskins Roster

Posted by: hail2skins on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Here is your 2014 Washington Redskins Roster

2014 Washington Redskins Roster

# Name Pos Exp College
2 Forbath, Kai K 2 UCLA
5 Way, Tress P 1 Oklahoma
8 Cousins, Kirk QB 3 Michigan State
10 Griffin III, Robert QB 3 Baylor
11 Jaskson, DeSean WR 7 California
12 Roberts, Andre WR 5 The Citadel
14 Grant, Ryan WR R Tulane
15 Robinson, Aldrick WR 3 Southern Methodist
16 McCoy, Colt QB 5 Texas
22 Porter, Tracy CB 7 Indiana
23 Hall, DeAngelo CB 11 Virginia Tech
24 Rambo, Bacarri S 2 Georgia
24W Redd, Silas RB R USC
25R Clark, Ryan S 13 LSU
26 Breeland, Bashaud CB R Clemson
29 Helu Jr., Roy RB 4 Nebraska
30 Biggers, E.J. CB 6 Western Michigan
31 Meriweather, Brandon S 8 Miami (Fla)
34 Robinson, Trenton S 3 Michigan State
35 Davis, Akeem S R Memphis
36 Young, Darrel FB 5 Villanova
39 Amerson, David CB 2 NC State Univ
45 Miller, Gabe LB 2 Oregon State
46R Compton, Will LB 1 Nebraska
46 Morris, Alfred RB 3 Florida Atlantic
52 Robinson, Keenan LB 3 Texas
54 Jordan, Akeem LB 8 James Madison
55 Hawward, Adam LB 8 Portland State
56 Riley Jr., Perry LB 5 LSU
57 Sundberg, Nick LS 5 California
60 Long, Spencer G R Nebraska
64 Golston, Kedric DL 9 Georgia
66 Chester, Chris G 9 Oklahoma
67 LeRibeus, Josh G 3 SMU
68 Compton, Tom T 2 South Dakota
71 Williams, Trent OT 5 Oklahoma
73R Kearse, Frank DE 3 Alabama A&M
74 Polumbus, Tyler OT 6 Colorado
76 Moses, Morgan OT R Virginia
77 Lauvao, Shawn OG 5 Arizona State
78 Lichtensteiger, Kory OG/C 6 Bowling Green State
82 Paulsen, Logan TE 5 UCLA
84 Paul, Niles TE 4 Nebraska
86 Reed, Jordan TE 1 Florida
88 Garcon, Pierre WR 7 Mount Union
89 Moss, Santana WR 14 Miami (Fla.)
91 Kerrigan, Ryan LB 4 Purdue
92 Baker, Chris NT 3 Hampton
93 Murphy, Trent LB R Stanford
94 Geathers, Clifton DE 4 South Carolina
96 Cofield, Barry NT 8 Northwestern
97 Hatcher, Jason DE 9 Grambling State
98 Orakpo, Brian LB 6 Texas
99 Jenkins, Jarvis DE 4 Clemson

and here is your 2014 Washington Redskins Practice Squad

2014 Washington Redskins Practice Squad

# Name Pos Exp College
83 Bolser, Ted TE R Indiana
20 Crawford, Richard CB 3 SMU
38 Minnifield, Chase CB 2 Virginia
62 Cave, Traxston OL 1 Notre Dame
41 Thomas, Phillip CB 2 Fresno State
75R Thomas, Robert NT R Arkansas
25W Thompson, Chris RB 2 Florida State
13 Williams, Nick WR 2 Connecticut
47 Davis, Akeem S R Memphis
53 Jeffcoat, Jackson LB R Texas


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