This Ole Fart Thinks: What’s Next?

Posted by: hail2skins on Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

So what happens next?  What happens at the end of the Season?

This is subject to change but I think we are going to see a 3 week circus of lies, distortions and media rumors which change daily

One thing that is certain is that this will be Shanahan’s last season as Head Coach of the Redskins. Whether he has another job lined up already, or whether he simply has decided he cant get it done here and wants a chance to go elsewhere, it is patently obvious to all that he has checked out emotionally as head coach here. You can see it in his demeanor along the sidelines. He isn’t even angry any more, just defeated, clueless and detached emotionally.  The team has also  picked up on this, and although there are some individual players playing hard because they want to have a job here, or somewhere else in the NFL, there is no feeling of team play, or unity that I see. This is especially true on the special teams where guys look like they simply don’t want to blow out a knee and end a career on the crappy field that was installed.

I do think that unless Shanahan decides he can force Snyder to fire him during the next 3 weeks, we will see this circus go on until after the last game. Why?  Start with 7 millions reasons that Shanahan wants to pocket in case a coaching gig doesn’t come through for next year. That is the major reason. The lesser reason is that if Shanahan quits, it means that Kyles goes and this doesn’t help him get an OC gig next year in the event Shanahan doesn’t land a HC spot. If nothing else Kyle can say he showed his “mettle” under the worst of all circumstances. I don’t buy it for a second, but that will  be the public excuse.

On the other hand, I seriously doubt that Snyder will be goaded into doing anything before the end of the year. Maintaining the high road better keeps Snyder’s legal options open for holding back some of next year’s money, or at least it keeps open the possibility of some kind of buy out at the end of the year.Also, Snyder has said on more than one occasion that he regretted firing Norv with 3 games left in the season in a fit of pique. It made him look bad and generated a lot of sympathy for Norv, even though it should have been done at least 1 year earlier. Plus, there was almost no one capable of calling plays for the final 3 games. This year, if both Shanahans are canned, who calls the plays, Turner?  Again, it would mean an ugly end to the year that would be laid right on Snyder’s doorstep.

Again, Snyder would be ripped for meddling.  Better to let the fiasco play itself out and remove Shanahan within 48 hours of the end of the season. Would this hurt the Redskins’ chances of landing the coach they want for next year and beyond?  I don’t think so, and in fact I don’t think they have a clue whom they want right now.  There will be plenty of time to go through due diligence to find the right guy after the season. Guys like Jay Gruden, Darrell Bevel, Mike Zimmer,  Roman and Donnatelli, and Fangio and other assistants will  be all be prepping for the post season.  There will be ample time during the windows after the regular season to do it right. The only guy who is out there who could be scooped up now is Lovie Smith. While I think he could be the teams guy at the end of the search, I don’t think he is Snyder’s guy right now. So, if he goes to the Texans, so be it, it wasn’t meant to be

As far as the college coaches like Shaw or Obrien or any number of other hot names. Most of those guys are busy with their own teams right now, so I don’t think that will be an issue either

Will we get a new GM?  I don’t think so. I think Snyder feels that Allen is part of the solution, not part of the problem, so he will stay. For those of you who are wishing for a strong young GM to take over and flush out Allen as well, I just don’t think it is going to happen. I think that Allen bears some blame for the cap mess, but beyond that, what is wrong with the franchise is completely due to Shanahan and his coaches. I can see that because the next head coach will most certainly NOT have control over personnel, that there will be a shift of power towards the front office. In the end, I think Allen gets a more important title and gets moved up to deal more with contracts and cap issues which are more in line with his strengths. Unless A J Smith gets an offer elsewhere, I think that both he and Morocco Brown get expanded roles and titles with regard to personnel matters, as does Scott Campbell.  What we will have is for at least 1 year, a committee approach to personnel. This is both a reaction to concentrating too much power in the hands of just one man (Shanahan) as well as providing time for one of them to emerge in a dominant role by next year.

Going into the following year, I think we will see a move towards a stronger GM type with one of them emerging from a power struggle that will leave 1 or more on the outside  and perhaps moving on.  But I don’t see Snyder appointing a single GM now and moving the others out. So that means that the present group will be deciding the new Head Coach, rather than, as some have suggested, hiring a strong GM and letting him select the coach. Snyder has too much invested emotionally to distance himself that far from the process and I don’t believe it will happen that way.  I do think that Snyder will listen, especially to Allen, when it comes to coach selection.If Shanahan truly was Snyder’s selection from the very beginning, he is apt to trust Allen, and perhaps Smith, more now than he has trusted his football people in the past.

Will RGIII survive the emotional battering he is taking now ?  Sure he will. He is 23 and will grow immensely from this bad experience. Those are the kinds of things that mature a young man in a hurry. So what if he gets benched. He will be better for it in the long run. Many of the great ones have gone through benchings.  The one thing that CANNOT happen is another major injury. In that sense, benching him is the best thing that could possibly happen. He or Cousins are operating behind the worst O line in the NFL.And Shanahan appears committed to  seeing it remain as it is through the bitter end.  There is no benefit to more reps behind that line. They can even trot out Rex as far as I am concerned.

So, the circus will continue for another 3 weeks. Any day now, I expect another comment from McNabb as one talking head after another keeps the pot boiling.  And we should also take some consolation that the Cowboys are self destructing as well.  Perhaps we can drive 1 last nail into their coffin this year?

Will we beat Atlanta?  Hell no.  They still have the far better Defense and Special teams. I see another drubbing coming and cant wait to see what excuses Shanahan comes up with this week.

Keep the faith; the nightmare will end



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