Redskins Unable To Deliver

Posted by: hail2skins on Monday, December 23rd, 2013

The Redskins were unable to deliver a win for London Fletcher in the last home game of his 16 year career.  They surrendered a 9-point 4th quarter lead and lost to the Dallas Cowboys by one point.  I had some issues with Haslett’s calling of the defense but that is nothing new.  He simply was not aggressive when he needed to be.  Why on earth was he only rushing 4 late in the game is beyond me.  They allowed a 51 yard completion in the final drive when CB Josh Wilson slipped (more on that later) while in coverage.  They also managed to stopped a 3rd and goal at the 1 yard line only to surrender on a 4th and goal at the 10 yard line for the winning score.

According to what I’ve read, some players didn’t maintain their responsibility on the 4th and 10 play.  Hall decides to slip back because he’s worried about Meriweather with Dez in the back of the endzone but LB Perry Riley didn’t know that Hall deepened his responsibility on the play.  Someone has to ensure these guys stay with their responsibilities and that just isn’t happening with this defensive coaching staff.

Haslett was a little creative in the early part of the game putting Orakpo and Kerrigan on the same side which opened a lane for Meriweather to blitz untouched to sack Romo but once Romo was hobbled it seems the defense lost its aggressiveness giving Romo all sorts of time in the pocket to find targets.

As for the offense, they weren’t that special.  They did move the ball but didn’t end up with points.  There were a lot of mistakes on the offensive side of the ball from both players and coaches.  At times they just looked downright confused which lead to time management issues.  There also wasn’t any adjustment to the Cowboys defense when they decided they were going to stop Garcon from running that crossing route.

In my opinion Kirk Cousins had an average to below average game.  He made a lot of bad throws especially one where he threw behind an open Santana Moss breaking to the middle of the field.  Santana tried to bring it in but he had to contort his body too much.  The pass wound up being intercepted.  There was also some really bad miscommunication between Cousins and his receivers on the final drive of the game.  Cousins threw two passes that went to no one.

As for Garcon, he did break Art Monk’s record of 106 receptions in a single season.  He wound up with 107 receptions.  Congratulations Pierre.

The special teams unit surrendered yet another touchdown today.  They are just pathetic and Burns needs to be fired.  There’s really nothing else to say about our special teams unit.

I mentioned the slipping of players (Wilson) earlier and it is something I’ve noticed that happened alot since the Redskins re-sodded the field.   Players have been slipping on the field outside of the hash marks.  Maybe it’s the sod but whatever it is needs to be addressed by the team.

Coach Mike Shanahan will probably end this season with a 3-13 record because I don’t see them beating the Giants in New York.  That would give him a 24-40 record over his 4 seasons here in Washington.  He is responsible for his record, not Snyder, not Robert Griffin III but he himself.  He needs to stop trying to blame this on other folks and accept his responsibility for these last four seasons.  He picked his staff (Haslett, Burns), he picked his players (regardless of what you’ve heard otherwise) and, he picked the schemes (switching to 3-4 on defense).  The blame stops with him.  He’s trying to keep his image intact but the records speaks for itself.

We have one more game to go in this dreadful season and no one knows what’s going to happen in the offseason.  There has been no word from Snyder or Allen about Shanahan’s future with the team.  One thing I do find odd is the fact that we haven’t seen or heard anything from Allen on this.  I can understand not hearing from Snyder but the silence from Allen is interesting.  I wonder if he’s out and about scouting possible coaching candidates?  Just a thought.



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