This Ole Fart Thinks: Redskins vs Patriots

Posted by: hail2skins on Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Man, this gets harder and harder every week.  What else is there left to say ?  In fact,  almost all the discussion going on now has to do with Offseason and Next Year topics.  The only issues remaining for this year is how many more games we will win, how it impacts our draft position, and how the young players perform.

I think we are thoroughly in transition regarding the Offensive Line.  How well this goes with the trio of Polumbus, Hurt and Smith will likely have a significant impact upon how early we have to draft players for the line, or how aggressively we pursue Free Agents for the line.  Although Smith had his rough moments, particularly early in the game, he settled in nicely enough to relegate Locklear to the bench, and likely, off the roster for next year.  He also might, in combination with Polumbus, mean that the team feels secure enough to drop Jammal Brown because of medical reasons by next year.. Certainly, having younger, healthier players like Polumbus and Smith would take the urgency out of making a decision on Brown and allow them to see how he comes back for camp next year..From my perspective, he simply isnt the same player he once was, and it is doubtful the team can count on him going forward.  But, that is a decision that can be put off until next Spring if the team wants to see where Brown is in his rehab.  They are also a hedge against Williams failing another test and being lost for a year.  .  We will need another Tackle this offseason, but we have the possibility of waiting until the third day of the draft if the young pair show themselves to be capable of, at least, spot startingAs many have posted comments on, I think there is a strong chance we have seen Landry play his last game in a Redskin uniform.  He simply appears to have difficulty staying on the field.  Again, they will wait to see his response to surgery, but he has all the hallmarks of a “brittle” player and this goes along with his tendency to be highly undisciplined at times.. If Gomes shows he can handle the SS position the final 3 games, Landry will be gone one way or another.. Will Atogwe join him?  My guess now would be that OJ gets another season to show he can stay healthy.  In the past he has been durable and has accounted for a lot of turnovers over the course of his career– that is also something  Landry was NOT noted for.. So in the end, Atogwe stays, Landry goes, Gomes starts……. and Doughty returns.  I can see the team drafting a safety as well as we really don’t have much potential on the PS.. Not sure whether Bellamy is a S or Corner, but he is it..

The other topic that has gotten a lot of talk is the idea of whether Rex returns, and if he does, in what capacity?   I think the reality is that he will return because he represents a security blanket for the Shanahan’s.  I can’t see them drafting a QB with the first pick and not having Rex around, ostensibly, to mentor the young player, or start until the rookie is ready.

Certainly Beck hasn’t shown himself capable of this task based upon what we have seen.. The other option would be to go out and find another Veteran to perform this task, but that means the guy would have to learn the offense himself. Ain’t gonna happen.  Even if Shanahan throws every one a curve and delays the QB selection to later in the draft, it only makes keeping Rex that more likely.. So for those of us who get heartburn at the sight of Rex going out on the field, I guess we better get used to it.. At least that is what Sonny thinks, and he usually has a pretty good feel  for the pulse of things.  What about Rex signing somewhere else ?  It could happen, but I truly don’t see it as very likely..You are what your record says you are and, despite some good drives, and some nice passes, Rex has shown himself to be just good enough to get your team beaten.. That isn’t going to get him a starting position anywhere else, and being a reserve somewhere he has to learn another offense devalues him even more..  So, I think he is at least 80 % likely to be on the roster in some capacity next year

Some chatter about giving Banks a few more plays on Offense. Actually, I would far prefer to see some pass plays directed at Paul.. We know he can block.  Let’s see if he can catch, too..  If Austin is inactive again this week in favor of Stallworth, he probably is seeing his exit from the team approaching.. The best he could hope for is a “reset” for next year seeing if he can re-gain some of the form he showed in preseason and avoiding the  penalties that damaged his chances so badly.  For sure, seeing the trio of Moss, Gaffney and Stallworth getting just about all the pass calls is depressing based upon their age.  Anderson represents the Offensive version of Doughty to me.   A too slow, too short player who gets by because the coaches like him.  The sooner he is replaced by someone who actually threatens an opponent’s defense, the happier I will be.  Even getting Robinson up from the PS would be better from my perspective

So, how do we do against the Giants this week?  do you REALLY have to ask that one?  We seldom if ever play well in Jersey.  About the last time I think we won was when we played them in a rainstorm and none of the Giant receivers could hold onto the ball.  Jacobs got over 100 yards, but we were a little better.  I also can’t remember the last time we swept the season series from the Giants.   Finally, this game really means a lot to them because they have gotten their nose in front of Dallas and can control their destiny.  They seldom lose games like this under Coughlin.   Eli is also playing well..  Our FG kickers do poorly in Giant Stadium, not that Gano even needs an excuse to miss.. So, for all these and other reasons, I expect the Giants to steadily just smother the Redskins with efficiency.

Giants  28
Redskins 14

Redskins continue to provide turnovers because even though Osi and Tuck aren’t terrorizing QB’s this year, Pierre-Paul is an emerging player who will be going up against Willie Smith.
And, then, it will get very interesting because we will have a potential Win coming up against Minnesota..  At least that might give me something to write about


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