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08-09-2003, 12:28 PM
Hey guys, I need a little help here. My buddy and I are planning to make the trip down from N.J. for the Sept. 4th game. We always try to make 1 road trip a year, and with everything that has happened this off season this should be one heck of a game! When we travell on the road to see a game, we allways try to sit among the oppositions fans, preferably with the season ticket holders. There is a reason for this. As much as we are rabid Jet fans, we are most respectfull to the home team. No smack talk or getting loud. This is generally the safest approach. We have always stayed clear of our Own fans. Most would say saftey in numbers on the road, but I find it to be just the opposite. One loud mouth makes the Whole group a target!! Thus said Can anyone here at HR give me the sections that we should avoid when purchasing our tickets, not only for safety, but also poor field view. Also what would be the best way to get from Union Station to Fed Ex Field? I know that unlike RFK there is no Metro stop at Fed Ex. Would it be easier just to drive, or is there a way to use the Mass transit Metro) without making many switches? Thanks in advance! Any help would be great!:)

08-09-2003, 02:52 PM
Be patient jetman18. I'm sure one of the locals will be able to help you out when they see your post. Wish I could help.....