View Full Version : Treo vs. Blackberry

Minnesota Mike
06-28-2007, 09:10 AM
I'm looking to upgrade my cell phone and service. I'm currently using a RAZR and I want more from my phone than just calls. I want e-mail, and occasional access to the internet. I already have an IPod, so I don't really need my phone to play music, and I have a camera that takes good pictures, so I don't need that from my phone either. Mostly what I'm looking for is the phone, e-mail, internet (I'll accept compromise here), contacts, scheduling and to-do list.

I figure with the new I-Phone out tomorrow, there ought to be some good deals on the earlier units like the BlackBerrys and Treos. It looks like I can get a nice deal especially on a Treo 750.

So does anybody have any thoughts on which way to go?