View Full Version : ODE TO THE SKINS

09-05-2003, 09:43 AM
The festivities began with fireworks and cheer!
and I started on ohhh... about my fifth beer.
The stadium was packed fully to the brim
People were ready for the season to begin.
The first half was brilliant and entertainment at its best
I had one eye on the game and another on a cheerleader's chest.
Ramesy completed almost all of his throws
Throwing to Mccants, and my main man Laverneues Coles.
With the redskins ahead at halftime 13-7
I had convidence in our QB, mister number eleven.
Second half rolled around and it wasn't as nice
Fumble, interception and he was sacked maybe twice.
The Jets had roared back and evened the score
I was screaming and yelling "hey ref you're a whore!"
But thanks to lavar and our decent defense
Spurrier made calls that made the most of sense
We ran it down their throats with ramesy a running?
It was almost as graceful as it was stunning.
Then Finally a kicker who would not dissapoint
As the ball sailed through the uprights ingniting the joint!
The fans all cheered and breathed a huge sigh of relief
And as I looked all around there was nothing but smiles and teeth.
Hail to redskins! the was laughter and good cheer!
maybe the skins will be something special this year!