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09-30-2003, 09:02 AM
Don't know if you all remember but we found this comment on a Cowboys forum sizing up the Skins, lets look at the accuracy thus far:

"I think the Skins will be the cellar dwellers of the NFC East. Their QB situation is probably worse than our since the only thing I've seen out of Ramsey is a nice pass on a flea-flicker. Their RB situation is worse than ours--Trung has been and always will be a butterfingers. Their defensive line is horrible--Bruce Smith is too old, Renaldo Wynn is at best average, and I have no idea who their DT's are or will be. Their secondary is no where near the level of ours--Safeties stink, Fred Smoot is over-rated, Darrell Green is gone, and Champ Bailey is the only thing worth writing home about. The Skins' LB group is outstanding, but I'm afraid with the DLine they have infront of them that the big plays out of the LB's will be few and far between.

Dallas probably won't make the playoffs so I'm looking forward to another undefeated streak against the Deadskins."

1. There RBs are better than ours. LOLOLOLOL. Yeah Ok. Trung butterfingers, not so far!

2. DLine is horrible. Ok, i will give them that

3. "Secondary is no where near the level of ours" He was right. Dallas' secondary sucks while oru is awesome.

4. Smoot is overrated. He's playued well this year, not great, but well.

5. Worst statement here is where he says our Safties suck. Ummm, they are actually becoming on of the stronger units on our defense.

We all knew back then what an idiotic statement thsi was, but it is nice to look back.

09-30-2003, 09:10 AM
I won't waste my time responding to a clueless cowpoke fan.

09-30-2003, 10:45 AM
Originally posted by hail2skins
I won't waste my time responding to a clueless cowpoke fan.

I agree but it did give me a good laugh