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01-07-2004, 01:39 PM
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Chris Mortensen: Good day, everyone. It has been a remarkable 24 hours when the Joe Gibbs "rumors" were being planted...only for it to turn into fact: He coming back! Let's talk about some of these things - a lot of fires burning ou there ...I'll do my best to update you, and be patient because the phone is ringing and my server is a little slow at home here...

David: Washington, DC: What do you think Gibbs will do with the backfield he'll inherit, and might there be a greater chance of Hasselbeck playing ahead of Ramsey under Gibbs' more run-friendly offense?

Chris Mortensen: Joe Gibbs: Run friendly? That's an overstatement.... he does it all...and I think he will fall in love with Ramsey.

Dan in D.C.: Do you think that the Gibbs hire is a good "football" move, a good PR move or both? Snyder was loosing his fans and breaking their hearts, will he now be a hero?

Chris Mortensen: I don't know how you can knock a hire like Joe Gibbs, given his credentials (three Super Bowl titles) and given the success of Dick Vermeil and Bill Parcells - in other words, he is still relative. Also, Snyder didn't break their hearts when he hired Steve Spurrier, so he can't be blamed for trying. I understand that it was Snyder's new minority partner (Dwight Shard?) who helped make this happen; apparently, he's very close to Gibbs.

Tim (Columbia, MD): I think the NFC East is the best division in terms of coaching now with Gibbs and Coughlin. How would you rank the 4 NFC East coaches, and does this change if Andy Reid wins the Superbowl this year?

Chris Mortensen: The greatest division in the history of pro football is the NFC East - especially going back to the days when Gibbs coached the Redskins, Parcells coached the Cowboys, Buddy Ryan coached the Eagles..and then Jimmy Johnson came in to coach the Cowboys...(we can't mentioned Arizona).... now with Gibbs back, Parcells in Dallas, Coughlin in NY and ndy Reid in Philly, this makes the NFC East again the most prominent division, certainly in terms of coaching excellence and largesse.

With Gibbs as the coach now do you think there is a possibilty of Corey Dillon coming to town?

Chris Mortensen: There's going to be somebody, that's for sure. Maybe Dillon. Maybe a draft pick. But, yes, it will be somebody who can pack a load.

Scott (KC MO): AS for Gibbs who is going to act as GM? Snyder or Gibbs?

Chris Mortensen: There's no way Joe Gibbs would take this if he did not head the football operation, too.

Brian (Manassas VA): With Gibbs back, there is talk that Russ Grimm will be headed to DC. But with Bugel coming...what role for Grimm? Can he make a lateral move? Is his contract up in Pit?

Chris Mortensen: I have it on very good Steeler authority that Grimm is not going anywhere, and they would likely not allow him to join Gibbs in Washington.

01-07-2004, 01:47 PM
Interesting that Snyder isnt said to have been the front runner in this deal.