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02-14-2004, 01:27 AM
or call me an idiot. I don't care, either one but I still think I'm smarter than the Redskins past management, coaching, and front office.

You know, if you look at the winning teams, those would be the ones who have been going to the playoffs over the last decade while we have been floundering, there are certain patterns.

First of all there are teams that have great offenses and simply outscore the competition.....and then there are teams who simply have great defenses and keep the other team from scoring. Really its rather simple.

The defenses, always have a pass rush.....and can stop the run. They always have great linebacking and great defensive lines. If they have great cornerbacks....its usually because the corners can take chances because of the great pass rush on the QB.

We here in Washington have been doing things a little different. We have been enamored with great corners over the last decade while ignoring the pass rush and defensive line. Not surprisingly, we have had a playoff drought while the teams who went in the opposite direction have been IN the playoffs.

Its pretty simple really. The greatest corners in the world from Champ, to Darrell, to Deion.....can cover a guy for 5-6 seconds OR more which our pathetic defensive linemen have allowed. It really smacks of stupidity. Why would any franchise continue along the same path if that path doesn't yield success? Does it make sense to anybody? It doesn't make sense to me, yet I've watched this franchise do the same thing over and over for a decade.

Not only that....but most teams do not place their priority in left tackle before they worry about the position of QB. We were drafting Chris Samuels when we didn't even have a QB. Now we are looking to restructure his deal or trade him off. So now we have 2...thats TWO number 1 draft picks in Champ and Samuels that we are looking to book to other teams. 2 pro bowl players that our front office drafted but now we can't afford them because they are not helping us win. What a surprise!

I mean.....what a shock! A corner with no pass rush can't help you win more than 5 games. A left tackle with no QB to protect can't help you win more than 5 games. So now their pro bowl status is worthless.

Teams like San Fran would win championships with Montana throwing to Rice even though the left tackle was not a pro bowler. San Fransisco use to shut people down on defense even though they had no pro bowl cornerbacks. But they DID have pass rushers. The same goes for Dallas. In fact both of those teams use to have Chalres Haley...one of the best pass rushers of all time.

The great bears defense of 86 didn't have hall of fame corners but they did have hall of fame pass rushers. Richard Dent, Dan Hampton, McMichael, and of course those linebackers that always came on a jailbreak. Hell....corners didn't have to hardly move because the receiver wasn't going to catch anything farther than 5 yards...since the QB was already on the ground.

Meanwhile, despite witnessing all of this, our Redskins F.O. over the last 10 years decided we needed to continue to bolster our cornerback position instead of ever regarding defensive line as anything more than an afterthought. Oh yes, we got hall of famer Bruce Smith....after he turned 36 years old. ASnd we of course let ANOTHER number 1 draft pick go....Kenard Lang....just to get an average but cheap defensive end in Wynn.???what's wrong with that picture.

Why do the Skins even bother drafting number 1. Why not just trade the number 1 pick each year and pick up a number 2 and 3 in return. I mean after all, our number 1's are paid millions of dollars while in the Redskins training program....and then after they get rich making mistakes,.....they are free to sign with other teams in their prime. If this crap doesn't make sense to you don't feel bad because I don't get it either.

I always thought you drafted QB's number 1 and franchise players, and then you made them Redskins for life. I mean, whats the purpose of drafting somebody just to train them in for somebody else. And if you can't afford them, at least for the position they play, then don't draft them. The Skins should have been drafting QB every single year until they got 1 because we have been without a really effective QB for over 10 years. Now that Patrick as been drafted, there is even talk of trading him from some of you.

This franchise, with or without Joe Gibbs, will never be successful until the aforementioned pattern of drafting and purging ceases. Its time to realize that the defensive line and pass rush is more important than the cornerback position. Defensive ends who can get 12 sacks are a necessity. Pro Bowl corners are a luxury. There's the difference between us and Tampa's Superbowl team.

A Pro Bowl QB is a necessity. A pro bowl left tackle...a luxury. Theres the difference between us and Green Bay or us and Philadelphia or us and Indianapolis.

Indianapolis is resigning the guy who took them into the playoffs, Manning....regardless how much it costs. We can't sign Samuels to a new contract because it costs too much....at least for a player who can't take us to the playoffs. SO WHY DRAFT A DAMN LEFT TACKLE NUMBER 1? The position isn't that important unless you have everything else in place.

Am I making sense to anybody but me. We draft stupid. We let our number 1 picks....pro bowlers get away because they didn't take us to the playoffs so they aren't worth the extra money.

NO KIDDING!!! A corner and a left tackle failed to take us to the playoffs. Instead of a QB and a running back...which most normal franchises would be stocking up on FIRST. Or at least pass rushers.

This franchise had better take a hard look at Vinny and his drafting policy before we get to this years draft. Cerrato is an idiot and anybody who would continue to employ an idiot is also an idiot. Thank God for Gibbs because he is ALREADY addressing the QB position which is the most important position on offense.....period. No. $20 million for Brunell is not too much if he can help take us to the playoffs.

Too many of you were happy because Champ was being offered a 55 million dollar deal to stay....but a PROBOWL quarterback who is offered $20 million dollars....you started screaming bloody murder. Go figure. I guess you would do well in the Redskins front office. Maybe you could allocate another 5o million to bring in Bobby Taylor on the other side while our pass rush still consisted of Wynn, 40 year old Bruce Smith and a medley of assorted vagabonds and castoffs.

Coach Gibbs. You are on the right track. Now get pass rushers...and lets dump Champ and never draft another cornerback or left tackle number 1....if we're not prepared to keep them for a lifetime.

02-14-2004, 01:31 AM
The first thing that crossed my mind while reading your article, Rick, is that great defenses are built from the front back, not the back to the front. So yes, I agree with your first point, we need to be able to rush the passer and stop the run. Until we address that, it doesn't matter if God himself is playing CB.

Now, I have to get back to reading the rest of your article.

02-14-2004, 01:44 AM
Hey, I want a ride in your time machine to go back to when Brunell was a probowler!!!


Talent hasn't been an issue, PERIOD. So i don't buy your "we draft stupid" claim. Our divsion rival conceded that we have the most talent in the division. If we had Gibbs with the talent that's been here, we'd probably have a few more trophies.

I don't think you should mock people for wanting Champ. He's the best corner in the game, who doesn't want him. I think most people are in the mindset that he's a great player but it seems about time to part ways.

You put the blame on the talent level at different positions (d line, QB). I feel that the coaching has failed to get the most out of our players. That's in part to the players fault, but now we have a coach will the power to shape the team how he wants.

I don't think we need Brunell to win. Which ProBowl QB did Gibbs need? He TURNED people into Probowl players. Having Brunell is a good safety measure, but it's costing a good bit of money and it might cost us more with detrimental effects to Ramsey.

I agree with you that Gibbs is on the right track. While Champ and Samuels haven't been the answer in recent years, they've hardly been the cancer.

02-14-2004, 01:47 AM
Originally posted by truant
Hey, I want a ride in your time machine to go back to when Brunell was a probowler!!!


Talent hasn't been an issue, PERIOD. So i don't buy your "we draft stupid" claim. Our divsion rival conceded that we have the most talent in the division. If we had Gibbs with the talent that's been here, we'd probably have a few more trophies.

I don't think you should mock people for wanting Champ. He's the best corner in the game, who doesn't want him.

Well, I guess we will see how highly teams think of Champ and how much they are willing to pay him and give up for him, and that right soon, since the tag is coming on the 24th.

02-14-2004, 01:54 AM
Originally posted by robert
Well, I guess we will see how highly teams think of Champ and how much they are willing to pay him and give up for him, and that right soon, since the tag is coming on the 24th.

Around the league I think Champ's reputation is pretty solid. There are so many players that are pryed away from other teams with picks.

Galloway, Ricky Williams, Big Daddy... I personally think that Champ is extremely valuble and I think we'll be able to quantify that in a couple of weeks.

02-14-2004, 02:01 AM
Truant.....I'm sorry but Vince Lombardi couldn't win a championship and neither could Gibbs. with Champ and Samuels in the pro bowl and Tony Banks and Tim Hassleback as the quarterbacks, and with Wynn and Dalton trying to chase down the quarterback.

You offered no solutions....only critisicm because I don't agree that Champ is vital to winning. I will stand on my statements and wait for anyone to PROVE me wrong. Pass rushers get you to the playoffs.....before corners do. Quarterbacks get you to the playoffs before left tackles do. I stand on those statements but you are welcome to prove me wrong. Yes, I put the blame on the talent level at various positions. If we are so laden with talent as you say.....where are all the pro bowlers. Joe Gibbs can't turn people into pro bowlers if they aren't there. Yes he won with different QB's but ....HE HAD DEFENSE. We had Charles Mann, Dave Butz, Dexter Manley, Wilbur Marshall Fred Stokes, etc. We also had a good defensive coach who knew what a blitz was.

You can disagree with me on Brunell, or at least think you are disagreeing with me.....but think about this. You are disagreeing with Coach Gibbs because I am not the one who flew to Florida to meet with him.

02-14-2004, 02:20 AM
I think you misunderstood my post.

I don't think talent has been the problem. You can cite the worst players to come through DC since Gibbs left to try to validate your point but we had Brad Johnson (SB winner) at QB here too.

I didn't say that Champ was vital to winning. All i said is that he's the best corner in the game and you seemingly mock people for being attached to him.

My entire post was about how i feel that talent hasn't been the problem. You can take it as unwarranted critisicm if you like, but it's not an attack of any sort.

Winning teams tend to send more players to the probowl. While i disagree with the Brunell move, i've accepted it. I don't care if Gibbs is making the move or not, I don't agree with it. Ultimately I have faith in Gibbs, but i don't have to love his every move because he is Gibbs.

Since you want to pit me against Gibbs on this one why don't you talk to Andy Reid and Parcells and ask them why they said that we have the most talent in the division.

02-14-2004, 02:25 AM
Originally posted by truant
Since you want to pit me against Gibbs on this one why don't you talk to Andy Reid and Parcells and ask them why they said that we have the most talent in the division.

Pure window dressing on their part. Makes them look smarter and better when they beat us!

02-14-2004, 02:33 AM
truant...I am sorry but Brad (the answer) Johnson is not the answer anywhere he has been. And neither was Trent Dilfer. Both men were QB's of winning SUPERBOWL teams. The other thing they had in common was..... they were along for the ride with the number 1 defense in the league.

Brad Johnson wasn't good here and he's not good in Tampa either. He's never going to make the Hall of Fame and he could never carry a team. He makes a living dumping off 5 yard passes. His stats look good but his team can't score. As I said....we haven't had a QB here in over a decade. Brad Johnson included. Ask yourself this. If he was so good....why is he gone? I don't see Green Bay letting Brett Favre get away. San Fran didn't let Steve Young get away. Indy is letting Peyton Manning get away. But we let Brad Johnson go? I'll give you one guess why.

02-14-2004, 02:36 AM
Even Norv Turner finally gave up on Brad Johnson and turned to Jeff George! Got to agree with RealRick on this one. When the going got tough and Brad needed to carry the Redskins, he failed miserably.

02-14-2004, 02:46 AM
Wow... i must be talking in jibberish.

Parcells made Dallas a playoff team this year (you're thinking "yes!! my point exactly, because of their D."

They had a top rated D before Parcells got there. Parcells took that miserable talent on offense and somehow constructed a playoff team.

I believe that if Gibbs had the roster that Spurrier did last year, he would have done better... probably the playoffs.

So yes, i'm saying that Gibbs could have won last year with Patick Ramsey. I'm not saying that Brad Johnson was a world beater, but he could get the job done.

(Robert, Norv didn't give up on Brad. Snyder was behind the Jeff George fiasco)

Now, to clarify, my opinion is if Gibbs had the roster that Spurrier did last year, he would have done better... probably the playoffs. Therefore, i think that talent hasn't been the biggest problem.

02-14-2004, 02:54 AM
You're not talking Jibberish. But Robert and I both read the same post. You said talent hasn't been the problem because we had Superbowl winner Brad Johnson.

We just made the point that Brad Johnson was no more a Superbowl winner than the waterboy who also got a ring just because he belonged to the same team as the number 1 defense.

Brad Johnson couldn't carry my jock strap. But you were the one who brought up his name...in the same sentence as talent.

02-14-2004, 02:59 AM
You brought up Tim Hasselbeck and Tony Banks as QB's that have been here. I think that we're better represented by Brad Johnson.

Brad Johnson was quite a bit more talented than Hasselbeck is or Banks was.

Brad Johnson was the last player to take us to the playoffs. We didn't have a #1 defense that year. I'm not saying that he's great, but to mention Hasselbeck and Banks as Qb's since Gibbs left is not indicative of the talent that we had here.

(not saying the QB position has been great, but it surely hasn't been tony banks-Tim Hasselbeck bad)

02-14-2004, 03:05 AM
Okay. You win. You're right. I'm going to bed.

02-14-2004, 03:07 AM
I'm not right, it's just an opinion. I think i'll follow your lead and get some rest myself.

02-14-2004, 03:27 AM
Originally posted by truant
(Robert, Norv didn't give up on Brad. Snyder was behind the Jeff George fiasco)

Snyder brought him in, yes, but Turner did not want to play him until he had no choice. He finally pulled an ineffective Brad Johnson in the 4th quarter of a 9-7 loss to the Jints in 2000. Turner was fired that night. So I say that Turner finally gave up on Johnson.

02-14-2004, 03:28 AM
Originally posted by truant
I'm not right, it's just an opinion. I think i'll follow your lead and get some rest myself.

Rest, what the hell? It's only 3am???????

02-14-2004, 12:26 PM
Despite the fact that this post was originally about how the Redskins have squandered and continue to squander number 1 picks and pro bowl players...this thread eventually led into another direction. Truant became so infactuated with Champ that he wouldn't give up and then from there it went into a direction that he claimed because Parcells said we were the most talented team then somehow that was a fact and we still could win if only we kept Champ and on and on.

I apologize for the direction it took but it was late and at 3am some of us were not thinking clearly. However, the thread was not to debate if Champ was good or if Brad Johnson had gone to the Superbowl with the leagues number 1 defense behind him. This thread was and still is open for discussion on 1 subject. The fact that we tend to waste number 1 draft picks by developing them and then farming them out to other teams.

In theory, we should be able to draft a number 1 pick each year for 10 years, and at the end of that time, if we have drafted wisely, outside of injuries and retirements, we should still have the majority of those number 1's on our squad and performing. And each year after that as 1 retires, we replace him with another number 1 pick.

And there are some teams who have done a good job basically doing that. I cited Tampa's defense. St. Louis also drafted Bruce, and Holt, and Orlando Pace. Marshall Faulk is a good example of a guy who was let go(by Indiapolis) just as he was reaching his peak. In fact he reached his peak as Manning was just starting to come around. Its foolish to draft....cultivate, and then let go.

Bailey, Samuels, Kenard Lang, Rod Gardner next year, and of course Ramsey is unhappy and wants out. Part of this has been the CRAPPY coaching staff and coaching hires. That goes back to ownership and F.O.

Snyder has done the right thing in hiring Gibbs but Cerrato is still an idiot since I wrote this thread last night....and I'll bet when I wake up tomorrow, Ceratto will still be an idiot. Just 1 look at all the number 1 draft picks we are losing will justify that statement.

If you can't sign em.....don't draft em. If they aren't worth signing when they are at their peak....why were they worth signing when they were error prone rookies. I'm sorry. I can't figure out this stupid strategy that the SKINS have employed.

02-14-2004, 12:41 PM
Take any other Team in the NFL using similar 1st rd. picks, over the last 10 years and you will find a similar success and failure rate.

02-14-2004, 01:19 PM
camasterton...not any other team. Some teams. But I think its a stupid premise to trade off number 1's while ignoring your own.

Every team is in control of their own choices and own needs. So I am saying we have made bad decisions. Are you saying that thats alright since other teams are also incompetent?

I'm saying winning franchises simply do a better job. And I want us to do a better job and be a winning team. We have failed in that department over the last 10 years. Starting this year, and this is sound reasoning if the Redskins are listening.

Start drafting players and positions that are WORTH the big bucks....and worth keeping. Thats all I am saying. QB is a position other teams can keep for 10 years. We should too. Defensive end and defensive tackle and linebacker are positions like that. Look at Warren Sapp, Willie McGinnis, Michael Strahan, Derrick Brooks, Ray Lewis. Outstanding players like that you draft and keep.

And then there are secondary players like Jon Jansen who are solid but not necessarily Hall of Famers....but good solid players that you can keep for 10 years. Larry Allen stayed with Dallas. Conversely, Randy Thomas was groomed for us by the Jets....Coles was groomed...then we stole both of them. Then they faltered and their offense stunk.

I'm just saying....think and draft smart.

02-14-2004, 01:20 PM
I have to agree with you REALRICK. When we got to the beginning of preseason we had done nothing about our defensive line. Then we let Wilkinson go, so bad influence or not we really had nothing. We had gone out and pillaged the Jets. Coles and Hall turned out to be worthwhile. Now I do not know which Defensive Lineman were available but we certainly did not address the deficiencies until to late.

We had traded away most of our picks but we could have at least tried to draft some help for that D-Line. We drafted Taylor Jacobs with our first pick last year. Three defensive lineman taken after Jacobs contributed last year to their teams. Chris Kelsay at Buffalo played in all 16 games and had 19 tackles. Umenyoira with the Giants played 13 had 20 tackles and 1.5 sacks. Anthony Adams at the 49ers played in 14 had 26 tackles and 1.5 sacks.

These are not blinding stats but they all contributed to their team. Jacobs played in 8 games and caught three passes. the point is we did not need another receiver at that time. Those lineman in Buffalo, New York and San Francisco are now a year wiser and may contribute more. Taylor Jacobs is a burner and talented but we did not need him then.

Our Front Office has been all about the quick fix. If we waste the picks we have this year and do not draft with improving the defensive line in mind. I will be very upset.

We have drafted some great players but I agree with RealRick were they the right great players. I pray that Joe Gibbs does not allow the trend to continue.

02-14-2004, 01:22 PM
Also Thomas was worthwhile

02-14-2004, 01:53 PM
Flave1969 you brought out the point I was trying to make but you just said it in a different way. We have drafted some great players. Champ is great. Samuels has made the pro bowl. Taylor Jacobs may end up being Ricky Sanders in Gibbs offense.

But were they the RIGHT players. Were they what we needed to succeed...to get over the hump....to get into the playoffs.

Obviously not. We have drafted the wrong great players at the wrong positions. Had we drafted Brian Urlackher with the 3rd pick instead of Samuels, or better yet traded down for more picks, can anybody imagine us now letting him go to another team.

Not bloody likely. But Samuels is as good as gone. We need to draft smart. With the number 5 pick in the draft, plan on keeping that guy for 10 years and don't train him in for the Cowboys or Eagles to sign and use against us in 5 years. If that means trading the number 1 draft pick for both of New Englands top picks....then so be it. Whatever it takes to put quality players on the field that will remain with the Skins.

Personally I think Udeze or Taylor would be an ideal fit in that catagory...and lord knows we need defense.

02-14-2004, 03:18 PM
Hey Rick I do believe you totally....It is my hope that Gibbs can instill in these youngins' (FO) the way to do things....this team has been screwed up for the past 10 year's ..much too long and the playoffs are long overdue

Also Rick to me it doesn't matter what kind of talent we have...they have to gel as a team....remember it's a new system.. and there will be more new players on this team...Marty had a wonderful squad...but couldn't put it together...it took the leaders of the team to sit down with them to get it together....so my concern is how long will it take to gel....?

02-14-2004, 07:18 PM
They took the best players available, isn't that what your supposed to do? That being said the FO should have paid more attention to the key positions which are the D line and QB. On top of that they made bad decisions by giving Stubby and Big Daddy huge contracts and by not signing the guys we had that could play like Kenard and Kalu. Brad Johnson blows!

02-15-2004, 12:34 PM
What??? Yes they were the right players. Arrington was the best LB and athlete available- period. We needed an impact defensive player. Anyone can be a Monday morning drafter three years later. Urlacher was thought to be better? Good yes, but better? I'm calling B.S. on that one. Samuels was a can't miss LT, the most important piece of an OL. We had no legitimate top tier LT at the time. we neede a deep threat WR at the time, were we suppose to draft Peter Warrick or Travis Taylor? We needed a kicker. Should we have picked up Sabastian Janikowski with a first rouynder the way the Raiders did? We hda Stephen Davis should we had drafted a big back? I'm lost here.

02-15-2004, 12:41 PM
camasterton...I don't know what you are reading but you certainly weren't reading MY post. I never said anything at all about Arrington. We took Lavar with the 2nd pick. What I said was we should have traded down and then could have taken Urlacher with another pick.

Question for you. If left tackle is so important why is it that we have signed Jansen to a long term contract and now looks as though we are paying Samuels too much and he will end up being a free agent and not a lifelong Redskin?

What I said was we didn't have a QB at the time we drafted Samuels...and Samuels was certainly not the missing part of the puzzle for a team only 1 game away from a championship. The Skins could not stop the run at all, and drafting defensive tackle, defensive end, or linebacker would certainly have made more sense than drafting a left tackle to protect Tony Banks.

02-15-2004, 01:30 PM
We should have traded down the 3rd pick? We actually traded up (two low 1st rounders, plus) to get Arrington & Samuels.
I seem to recall Mr. Jansen had some issues with his contract just before he was resigned. He was also a 2nd round pick not a high first rounder, who are generally paid more in the first contract regardless of thier output. I don't see Samuels as being overpaid. He did not have the best of years last year (who beside Thomas did?) but I consider him a top flight tackle and deserving of the pay for that position. And yeah I do think a left tackle is an important piece. At the time we had a good d-line and LB corp. Almost every "high first rd." LT chosen over the past 15 years has stepped right in and made at or near pro-bowl level-including Samuels. In the blue-sky of my world, that is the right pick.
btw An example of that trade down team then... the Jets, who seem to be having to make just as hard, thier recent choices.

02-15-2004, 01:36 PM
Well, hindsight is always 20/20, we all know that. However, as I said, drafting a franchise left tackle should mean, barring injury, he should be with your team for life. Tony Boselli would still be a Jag if it hadn't been for injury. Pace is still a Ram. And if Samuels was an integral part of our championship team, protecting our pro bowl QB, the yes he would stay here.

But like I said, we drafted a left tackle to protect Tony Banks when we didn't even have the ability to stop the run. I can't even remember who the starting linebackers were back then.....THATS how good they were.

02-15-2004, 01:44 PM
I do. Lavar, Derek Smith and Shawn Barber. Kevin Mitchell and Greg Jones backing up. . A very good group.

Counter Trey
02-15-2004, 02:25 PM
Originally posted by REALRICK
But like I said, we drafted a left tackle to protect Tony Banks when we didn't even have the ability to stop the run. I can't even remember who the starting linebackers were back then.....THATS how good they were.

Actually Samuels was drafted to block Brad Johnson's and Jeff George's blind side and our starting linebackers were middle: Derek Smith, weakside: Shawn Barber, strongside Gregg Jones.
At the time all of the Redskins coaches were very high on those LB's and Gregg Jones actually started over LaVar for the first 8 games in 2000 I think. Hindsight does show that we made an extremely good choice drafting LaVar even though we had more pressing needs. Could be a similar situation this year with Sean Taylor.
Also left tackle can be extremely important on a championship team I'd take Joe Jacoby and Jim Lachey over Joe Theisman, Doug Williams, and Mark Rypen any day. Just my opinion.

02-15-2004, 03:50 PM
the year that we drafted samuels the was no good quarterbacks, available, and if you listened the convential wisdom and drafted a running back, we would have picked thomas jones (complete bust) as he was considered the best running back on that draft (jamuel lewis was available but was considered damaged goods, coming off a servere knee injury) and besides without Ray Lewis busting his butt last year during the offseason and teaching him how to prepare in the offseason he wouldn't have been a beast last year.
either way with the coaching staffs he would have been under here in washington he probably would be out of the league.
bottomline hinsight is always 20/20, samuels and champ have been studs since they have been here, and yes the signing of bruce smith was a big mistake, he cost us kalu (who is starting in Philly and is starting to show signs of serious talent) and Lang did not want to play for us (as indicated by his rediculous salary demands, he wanted to play for his old college coach in cle.)
bottomline cut the front office some slack, they have done the best they can with free agency with respect to the d-line,
who thought that big daddy would take less money (even thought after being cut he signed for less money than he offered ) who could have predicted that braddon noble would get chop blocked in the preseason and go down for the year?
name one defensive end that we could have signed last year that would have helped us?
there wasn't one, all the major defensive ends free agents were busts....
reality is the edwards and his staff was over their collective heads, when you defensive line can't get pressure you manufacture that pressure, but you do it smartly not by sending a corner and safety from the same side in the redzone...
either way we are finally moving in the right direction, we finally have a good staff
and by the way those great defenses that you referenced did have to deal with those things called the salary cap and free agency.
which makes it so much easier to build a great defensive line.