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Originally Posted by Farmer Ted View Post
You really want to fire Shanahan? Awesome, who will the next coach be? Urban Meyer? It's been a while since Snyder hired a college coach, so he's probably in line for the job. The team's major problem is going to always be Snyder, and going through another coach isn't going to fix it.
If you believe Shanahan will win fine, make that argument. But if you don't then don't give me the "who are we going to get" crap. There are a ton of young coordinators that Allen as a real GM could attract that Sndyderratto could not (thus being forced to hire Zornb before he was ready to be a hot dog vendor let alone HC)

I think russ Greimm has been my choice as a HC for about a few years now, I wanted him to take over for Gibbs, I think he would make an excellent coach
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