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This is simply ridiculous. You dont hire an experienced head coach and then pull the rug out from under him after 1 year. i HATED HATED HATED Marty, but i still think 1 year is not long enough to give a guy a chance to implement his system.

you are CORRECT that trading for McNabb was a major error in judgement. no getting around that one. once you make the decision that he is wrong, make the decision to move on. that one clearly goes on Shanahan's doorstep

as for Haynesworth, that was not Shanahan's error. he inherited a major headache from the past regime. he couldnt get what he wanted in trade (apparently) and hoped he could get production out of him. my guess is that we will net out whatever we could have gotten for in the end. he is healthy, has a friendly salary and someone will take a chance on him.

we are no longer the oldest team in the league. by the way, B'more is, and i dont see any complaints about how they are playing

Cerrato left the cupboard bare and stocked the team with poor talent.. you cant change that in one season

as for the 3/4, you simply cannot change over in 1 year and expect results.. the defense will be better next year as we get younger players who are better suited to the scheme.. maybe we get a better coordinator that Haslett too ?

by the way, no one else has hired Grimm yet.. maybe he will be the next Chuck Noll ? or maybe the next Crennel ???

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