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Cropp and D. C. - Retrospectus - A patient and faithful understanding
Old 12-22-2004, 02:17 AM
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Default Cropp and D. C. - Retrospectus - A patient and faithful understanding

Linda Cropp wasn't known to me, before a single whisper about baseball returning to D. C. Once and a while I let my heart sink deep into memory of the bat signed by Paul Casanova, Chuck Hinton and Toby Harrah. I remember my brother and I chasing down a foul ball by Mike Epstien and going nuts when we both grabbed it. The years are gone by now and we are graying each and every day. As the city of Washington, D. C. went through its first mayor, his name was Washington also, and D. C. delegate to Congress, Walter Fauntroy, and a fiery, inspriing young Council member, Marion Barry of the late 60's to early 70's, the sports transitioned again and again, as the Washington Bullets acquired the Baltimore Bullets, who would eventually make back to back trips to the NBA Title and win one, with the likes of Wes Unseld, the BIG "E" (Elvin Hayes), Kevin Porter, Greg Ballard, Mitch Kuptchak and Phil

The city would again be transformed into more of a sports frenzy, with mostly the "affordable" fanbase outside the heart of her, when the Washington Redskins, marched through the 70's, 80's and early 90's with envied and storied history.

This gets people's attention for many reasons, and as we know, Washington is a political city, steeped in a seat of power, as well as a cloak of secrecy, and often controversy. Yet the most likely places that should concern people when visiting Washington, D.C. have gone unnoticed and sometimes, very little, if any, CHANGE.

Once and a while a Frauntroy or Rolark shows up to champion a cause that rings so true the echo is felt over time, not timber. Then there are the ones that cut through the grain, winning over hearts to contribute from unlikely places and even garnering help from within, who have personally overcome. Petey Green, Herb Fame (of Peaches and Herb), Marion Barry, and the list goes on.

As Mayor Williams celebrates his victory and toast his constituents you can't help but think, deep down, he has MET HIS MATCH. He is supposed to be so happy that a child can't even exude more enthusiasm during this brilliant and world awestruck moment in time, for the holidays!

But no - he is almost subdued, for he knows, in the running, a champion of the people, for the people, by the people of Washington, D.C. has again spoken. Spoken against the grain once again, that, YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT. Why the absolute nerve of her! Who does she think she is anyway?

Yes, even I , the "Native Son" has accosted a great women in my presence and took her in the dark alley of some lowly spot in the District and threatened her, cursed her, and cried out - why! Why NOT! She could easily fire back.

The City hasn't had this kind of get you by the.., well you know what I mean, leadership in a long time. Some are desktop leaders, some are more talk shows, than in the streets.

Linda Cropp has championed all these things and transcended the message from the beginning of those who were allowed to be a part of a society after the denials and yet over time, not over money, she used the same approach and like a Redskins touchdown, she hit paydirt. I thought, maybe for herself, but no, it will always be the defining moment not just in baseball history, but in Washington's D.C.'s "other" residents history. For these were the forgotten people and she said NO MORE!
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