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2004 Mock Draft (Round 2)
Old 08-24-2003, 10:17 PM
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Default 2004 Mock Draft (Round 2)

1. Arizona Cardinals- Ernest Wilford, WR Virginia Tech
The Cards are lucky that this draft is packed with wideouts, which allows them to grab a target for their new QB to go along with Bryant Johnson.

2. Detroit Lions- Nathan Vasher, CB Texas
The Lions are thrilled to see a CB with first round talent fall to them in the 2nd round.

3. Houston Texans- Michael Turner, RB Northern Illinois
The Texans make out like bandits as they nab a small school player who could end up being the best RB in the draft.

4. Cincinnati Bengals- Brandon Everage, S Oklahoma
The Bengals get a much needed playmaker who can hit like a linebacker and cover like a corner.

5. Dallas Cowboys- Cranell Williams, RB Auburn.
The Cadillac will help drive Parcells to his year 2 turnaround tradition

6. Minnesota Vikings- Kendyl Pope, LB Florida St
Pope follows follows the tradition of blazing fast Seminole linebackers, something the Vikes could use.

7. Chicago Bears- Brian Rimpf, OT East Carolina
Age and injury have decimated a once solid Chicago O-line. Rimpf is a rugged, hard working prospect at OT that should help.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars- Lance Mitchell, LB Oklahoma
Nobody is happier with the linebacker's tendency to drop then the Jags, who get a super talent in the 2nd round to lurk behind and Stroud and and Henderson

9. New York Jets- Rod Davis, LB Southern Mississippi
The Jets are getting old at LB and are thrilled to see Davis fall to them in the 2nd round

10. Cleveland Browns- Jonathan Vilma, LB Miami (FLA)
The Browns let all their starters at LB go in order to start a new. Vilma dropped because of his size but make no mistake, this hard hitter will be like a shark in feeding frenzy in a run oriented division.

11. Carolina Panthers- Ben Utecht, TE Minnesota
The Panthers have added yet another solid target here in a TE that is a slightly more athletic version of Wesley Walls

12. Washington Redskins- Marcus Tubbs, DT Texas
Mo' beef, mo' beef, mo' beef.

13. Seattle Seahawks- Daryl Smith, LB Georgia Tech
Smith is a gamer in every sense of the word and gives 110% on every down. Just what the Hawks need on an improving defensive unit.

14. Baltimore Ravens- Darrius Watts, WR Marshall
Another reach but this is Raven's major area of need which they simply cannot ignore.

15. Oakland Raiders- Stewart Schweigert, S Perdue
Woodson can't play forever and they Raiders hope the Boilermaker start can replace him so that a very strong secondary won't loose a beat.

16. San Francisco 49ers- Andrew Walter, OB Arizona State
Garcia's age is beginning to catch up with him and Walter will end up being a solid replacement in a QB friendly system

17. Kansas City Chiefs- Ahmad Carroll, CB Arkansas
An already suspect secondary could end up being hit by free agency so the KC will need some new faces.

18. New Orleans Saints- Donnell Washington, DT Clemson
At 6'6, 325 lbs, Washington will pair up with last year's first round pick Jonathan Sullivan to restore a domminant front 4 in the Big Easy.

19. Indianapolis Colts- Lee Evans, WR Wisconsin.
Can he finally provide Payton with a number 2 target?

20. New York Giants- Michael Boulware, LB Florida St.
The Giants have never really been able to replace Armstead and their LB corps has turned into something of a weakness. Another fast 'Nole linebacker may help in that area

21. Denever Broncos- Jamaal Brimmer, S UNLV
The Broncos secondary is taking on a new look and it won't proove to be a good one. Good safetys usually show up in the 2nd round, as is the case with Brimmer.

22. Buffalo Bills- Elton Brown, OG Virginia
The Bills o-line is young and has potential but still needs work.

23. St. Louis Rams- Jason Shivers, S Arizona St.
Aneas Williams will probably be goods for a year or so at safety but he's pretty much at the end of the line

24. San Diego Chargers- Will Smith, DE Ohio State
The Chargers D-line needs some depth and Smith has is a steal at this point.

25. Atlanta Falcons- Kweiwan Ratliff, CB Florida
Ray Buccannon has seen his best years (which were brilliant) go by and Atlanta needs a replacement. Ratliff can also contribute in kick and punt returns.

26. New England Patriots- Darnell Dockett, DL Florida St.
Perfect fit for the 3-4

27. Green Bay Packers- Demarco McNiell, DT Auburn
Gilbert Brown has turned into a situation player and the Pack need someone to pair up with Cledius Hunt

28. Pittsburgh Steelers- Cody Pickett, QB Washington.
Maddox may not be just a one year wonder but he's also 32 and the Seelers need someone waiting in the wings

29. Philladelphia Eagles- James Newson, WR Oregon State
As previosly mentioned, the Eagles need some help at WR. At this point, the speedy Beaver is a very nice addition.

30. New England Patriots (from Miami) Atari Bigby, S Central Florida
The Pats take another step towards injecting much needed youth to their secondary

31. Tampa Bay Buccenneers- Michael Clayton, WR Louisianna St.
The Bucs are pretty old at wideout and also lack speed. Clayton gives them both youth and speed.

32. Tennessee Titans- Dave Baas, OG Michigan
The fact that Eddie George's production has gone down may not be entirely his fault. While the Titans have a good pair of tackles, they do need help inside.
e tan, e epi tan

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Old 09-18-2003, 08:01 AM
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i dont see will smith lasting that long. hell, washington will pick him in the 2nd if he's still there
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Old 09-18-2003, 12:55 PM
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This was a few weeks ago when the season had just started and he was still considered an underachiever. He still plays a little too one dimentional.
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Old 09-18-2003, 01:31 PM
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Gotta love a DT named Tubbs.

No DEs worth picking up, though? We could really use a pass rush. Unless you're projecting that LaDairus Jackson will show us a lot this season.
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Old 09-19-2003, 12:46 AM
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Again, this is back when we cut Wilkinson and stopping the run was our biggest need. I still think it is more important then pass rush and we've yet to proove we can do that consistently.
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