the best canadian casinos compared

Comparing reliable canadian casinos

Before starting with online gambling it is always interesting to perform a comparison of the various online casinos. Such a comparison is so interesting because it provides you with crystal-clear information about, for example, the welcome bonus you can count on, the payment options that you can use and so on. Here we make it possible for our visitors in a very simple way to compare the most important online casinos so that you immediately find that one casino that will best meet all your expectations!

Comparing casino games

The games that are made available to you at a particular online casino are of course of great importance. Everything really stands or falls with the game you play and the payout percentages it has. Even if you want to get a clear picture of the various top games offered at the online casinos, it is possible to use the information that can be found on this website. Our reviews always pay particular attention to the top games from the range of the most popular online casinos so you can always play that one game that will perfectly match your expectations.

Compare payment options

If you want to become a player at a particular online casino you will naturally want to get a good picture of the different ways in which a deposit can be realized. For this reason, we have chosen here at casino-like.Nl to pay special attention in our reviews to the payment options available at the various online casinos. This is interesting, because in this way you will know whether you can only pay with internationally accepted means of payment, for example, or whether you can also use ideal in particular. It may be clear, even comparing all online casinos easily in terms of payment options is perfectly possible here!

Objective comparison of all online casinos

Many parties get or try to take immediate advantage when you choose to register as a player at one of their online casinos. This is not the case with us. We always formulate the reviews in an objective manner so that our visitors get a good picture of the advantages, but of the disadvantages of the online casino in question. This brings with it the advantage that you can always decide which online casino actually deserves your preference and you will not encounter unpleasant surprises after registration. It may be clear, if you are looking for a possibility to compare the different online casinos in a simple way, then you are at the right place!

View licenses

An online casino must be in possession of a license, this shows that you can gamble safely here. To get a license, a casino must meet a number of strict conditions. The moment the casino has a license, you know that you do not have to worry about the security at a casino. Everything is in order, the casino meets the strict requirements and is monitored. Some casinos do not have one, but multiple licenses. This is only in your favor, so you know for sure that you can play safely here.

Reliable play and depositing money

Safe play can, among other things, look at the license as has just been indicated. But there is more, because if you want to play, you also want to play for money. Depositing money is then important and you want to know that this can be done safely. An online casino has multiple payment methods and so you can deposit safe money. All payments are made via a secure connection and so you can quickly dispose of your money. This also applies to payouts. If you have gained profit on a slot machine or other casino game, you want to have that money quickly. By making the profit return, that is made possible. This is handled differently at every casino. But generally, payouts are processed within 24 hours. Because of this you can quickly have your money won.


In order to be able to play fairly, use is made of the Random Number Generator. You know for sure that no one has any influence on the chances of winning, because they are determined entirely randomly. This will also reassure you when you start playing for money. Even if you have chosen a jackpot game, no one, including the casino, will have any influence on when it falls. It is therefore extra exciting and you also have many opportunities to play a nice amount together. Before you play with money you can practice first and so you know where you stand in every game.